Todays Specials

    • Crab Cake Appetizer


      Delicious broiled jumbo lump crab cake serviced with sweet red pepper sauce, eel sauce and spicy mayo

    • Baby Back Spare Rib


      3 pieces baby back ribs in Asian BBQ sauce

    • Duck Wrap


      Duck strips wrapped in Asian thin pan cake with scallion, cucumber, mango, cheese, and special duck sauce

    • Jalapeno Yellowtail Appetizer


      Thin sliced fresh Yellowtail with slice jalapeno, scallion, and ponzu sauce

    • Red Dragon Roll


      Spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy inside, topped with eel, smoked salmon, eel sauce and fish egg

    • Green Wave Roll


      Salmon, cucumber, and crab stick, topped with white tuna served with miso sauce, sriracha hot chili sauce and lime zest

    • Hixon Roll


      Fried Chilean sea bass, tuna, and avacado wrapped with soy bean paper, topped with snow crab, served with eel sauce and spicy mayo

    • Ramen Noodle Soup


      Fresh Japanese ramen noodle with clear soy sauce or miso broth, fish cake, vegetables, seaweed, scallion, boiled egg, and grilled beef steak or chicken breast

    • Who Dat Roll


      Crunchy roll with soy paper topped with fresh tuna, jalapeno, and ponzu sauce